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1:18 Scale


1:18 scale models are known for their high level of detail. Due to their larger size compared to smaller scales like 1:43 or 1:64, more intricate features can be included in the model. This includes interior details, engine components, opening doors, hoods, and trunks, as well as working suspension and steering systems.


1:18 scale models are highly sought after by collectors. They are often produced in limited quantities and can represent a wide range of subjects, including classic cars, sports cars, race cars, motorcycles, and more. Many collectors appreciate the larger size as it allows for better appreciation of the craftsmanship and attention to detail.


The larger size of 1:18 scale models makes them ideal for display purposes. They can be showcased on shelves, in display cases, or as part of dioramas. The increased size also makes them more visually striking and can be a centerpiece in a collection or a display.


1:18 scale models are relatively common in the hobbyist market, with various manufacturers producing a wide range of models. Some well-known brands that specialize in 1:18 scale models include AUTOart, Maisto, Bburago, Kyosho, Minichamps, and CMC.


Compared to smaller scale models, 1:18 scale models tend to be more expensive due to their larger size and increased level of detail. The price can vary depending on factors such as the manufacturer, the subject of the model, and the complexity of the features included.

1:18 Diecast Models

1:18 diecast models refer to scale models that are made primarily from diecast metal at a 1:18 scale ratio. Diecast refers to the process of creating the model by pouring molten metal into a mold, resulting in a solid metal model with various plastic or rubber components.

Here are some key points about 1:18 diecast models:


1:18 diecast models are typically made using a combination of metal and plastic. The main body of the model is made from diecast metal, often zinc alloy or a similar material, which provides a sturdy and realistic feel. Other components such as windows, lights, and interior details may be made from plastic or rubber.

Detail and Accuracy

Diecast models are known for their attention to detail and accuracy. Manufacturers strive to replicate the real-life features of the subject vehicle as faithfully as possible. This includes exterior details like body lines, badges, and emblems, as well as interior features, engine components, and functional parts like opening doors, hoods, and trunks.

Features and Functionality

1:18 diecast models often come with a variety of functional features. These can include working steering systems, suspension, rotating wheels, adjustable seats, opening doors, hoods, and trunks, and even working lights and sound effects in some cases. These features enhance the interactive and realistic nature of the models.

Collectibility and Rarity

Like other scale models, 1:18 diecast models can be collectible, especially limited editions or models of rare or iconic vehicles. Certain manufacturers produce limited runs or exclusive versions of popular models, increasing their desirability among collectors. Condition, packaging, and authenticity also play a role in determining a model’s collectibility.

Price Range

1:18 diecast models can vary in price depending on factors such as the brand, level of detail, complexity of features, and rarity. Entry-level models can range from $30 to $100, while high-end models from renowned manufacturers can go well above $200 or even higher for limited editions or special releases.

1:18 diecast models are popular among collectors and enthusiasts due to their larger size, intricate detailing, and functional features. They offer an immersive experience and allow enthusiasts to display and appreciate the craftsmanship of the models

Overall, 1:18 scale models offer a compelling balance between size, detail, and collectibility, making them a popular choice among hobbyists, enthusiasts, and collectors alike